NHEC's infrastructure

Set up at our works provide enhanced capabilities for producing Hi-Tech, Quality Oriented Products.

NHEC's works is situated at Talegaon on piece of 105 acre land where well constructed building and shop floor with all modern and contemporary machinery is set. Office building is well equipped with computerized network, CAD / CAM design centre and well developed EDP department.

All major departments are co-ordinated with perfect communication network. Extra set up is made for Raw Materials and Finished Goods stores departments. Shop floor is well equipped with all advanced and Hi-Tech machinery, which is a basic reason for NHEC's quality assurance.

Few major machinery at NHEC's works are...

1. Horizontal Boring Machine -(Spindle 165 mm - WMW)-2 nos..
2. Horizonal Boring, Drilling & Milling Machine - (Spindle 225 mm).
3. HEC make Horizontal Boring Machine - (Spindle 100 mm).
4. FRORIEP make Vertical Boring & Turning Mill.
5. SCHIESS make Gear Hobber Module 40 mm.
6. KLINGELBURG make Gear Hob sharper.
7. COOPER double Column Planning Machine.
8. HMT make CNC-MH-lathe.
9. COOPER Heavy Duty Slotting Machine.
10 COOPER Heavy Duty Shaping Machine.
11 Dynamic Balancing Machine.
12 Heavy Duty Milling Machine 2000 mm.
13 SCHENCK AVERY Dynamic Balancing Machine.
14 COOPER Horizontal Boring Machine.
15 FLOTECH Plasma Arc Cutting Machine.
16 WMW Plano Milling Machine Model FZ-2500x2000x4000
17. Russian make special Lathe Machine.
18. And many other ancillary machines including plate Bending, Drilling, Milling,
Horizontal & Vertical Boring, Radial Drilling, Tube Bending, Arc Cutting, Hi-Tech Welding, and General purpose Lathes, Shaft Turning, Heavy Duty Precision Lathe machines.

New additions :

CNC Lathe - 450 dia x 3000 mmlg.

CNC VTL - 5600 mm Table dia.

CNC Plasma cutting machine