Established nearly 25 years ago as a national co-operative, NHEC, a one-of-its-kind organization at the national level, is promoted by the national co-operative development corporation (ncdc), Govt. of India, and supported by the national federation of co-operative sugar factories (apex body of the Indian co-operative sugar factories). All these came together to help India gain self sufficiency in the supply and modernization of sugar plants.

To bring the promoter’s dreams in reality and to achieve the estimated goals, NHEC acquired a good piece of land to start its operations at Talegaon Dabhade, 35 kms. From Pune city and approximately 160 kms. From Mumbai in Maharashtra 1980 saw NHEC start its production operations at the works.

In the fast paced markets of the 90s, NHEC advanced into much more than a sugar machinery manufacturer. NHEC proved itself with excellent infrastructure that worked at providing universal solutions in many other fields.

At NHEC future plans encompass the manufacture of Sugar Refinery, Bulk Handling Material, High Pressure Boilers, Steam Turbines, Chemical/Petrochemical, Ore Benefactors, Oil Exploration and Mining Equipment.

NHEC is also gearing up to work for Nuclear, Atomic, Coal Handling and other vital national/international projects.

Well groomed and still growing in strength and stature, NHEC has lived up to the vision of its promoters, and the expectations of its millions of customers in India and worldwide.

As the frontiers of today’s world are changing fast, new challenges and new vistas are up coming, NHEC’s commitment endures.