Quality Control

Ask the top level management what makes NHEC such a sought-after company and the answer invariably is one word - Quality.

It dictates every manufacturing activity- whether it is a vendor evaluation, pilot runs, precision testing, projection or delivery schedules. Rigid quality assurance and control has emerged the workshop renowned approvals and appreciations of various National and International Inspection agencies from time to time.


Standard Certification
Standard certification
L.R.S. (Lloyed Register of Shipping)
I.S. (International Standard)
B.V. (Bureau Veritas)
B.S. (British Standard)
N.P.C. (Nuclear Power Corporation)
DIN (German Standard)
N.F.C.S. (National Federation
of Co-op. Sugar Factories)
(American Society for Test of Machines)
P.D.I.L.(Project Development India Ltd.)
ISO (International Standard Organisation)
S.G.S. (Societe General De Surveillance)
A.B.S. (American Bureau of Shipping)
E.I.L. (Engineers India Ltd.)
I.B.R. (Indian Boiler Registration)
M. N. Dastoor & Co.

Indian Navy

NHEC has been awarded ISO 9001 certification by TUV

Research and Development

NHEC has strengthened its most important base-research and development. NHEC’s research centre is actively involved in providing vital data for project consultancy, updating technology development and application earlier, analyzing and transferring technology to suit customer’s requirement.

Importance is also placed on environmental safety with NHEC research staff ensuring that the least amount of imbalance is caused in the eco-structure of a particular region, thereby maximizing resource utilization with minimum liability.